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Davenport's Eastern Avenue library celebrates birthday

Davenport’s newest library has come a long way in its first five years, so kids and parents alike checked out a “birthday” celebration Saturday.

Newest Davenport library director promoted from within

If being director of the Davenport Public Library requires endurance, then Amy Groskopf definitely is the woman for the job. In addition to having ma…

Downtown Davenport library reopens after remodeling

The Davenport Public Library’s downtown branch reopened Friday after about a two-week hiatus for the installation of new carpeting in the building.
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School Days: The new schools of 1940

27 Aug 2015

Summer vacation has ended in Davenport as children returned to school this past Monday. We thought to celebrate this occasion by revisiting the Fall of 1940. Seventy-five years ago, many of Davenport’s students were entering the hallways and classrooms of … Continue reading →

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27 Aug 2015

Kids in high school and even young adults in college think the problems they are going through are unique to just them and that the adults in their lives have no idea and can’t understand the problems that younger people are going through. As a result, kids seek solace in music, books, and movies where they find people going through […]

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